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I am from Eastern Europe and I currently live in Panama. I love Eastern Europeans because of their diligence in whatever they do. They’ll never shirk their responsibilities and they’ll make sure that the project has completed correctly. 

Why aren’t they as rich as Western European then, you might ask? It’s because of the impact of the USSR times – those countries were limited in their growth potential at that time. Things are changing fast every day! Just look at China. It’s changing too, right?

But you will love the quality of services and solutions from your MInsk agency, be it frontend, backend or full stack. Sometimes, project managers can be too “strong-coffee” but it’s how it is here in Belorus. They are very processes-focused! They might not be super-talkative, but you’ll get your project done at the highest quality while the prices will be 3-5 times lower than what you’d get in the US or elsewhere!

So, what are the best web development agencies in Minsk? 


This is one of the biggest players in Minsk. They have two offices in NY and Minsk so you’ll have a smooth collaboration on, during your working hours and with all the paperwork done right.

Clutch shows 17 positive reviews for them and among their customers is Financial Times. This is as big as they come. 

At the core of the product development strategy is the team’s strive to roll out an MVP as soon as possible so that they can gather valuable feedback from warm-blooded customers! Their stack is as broad-based as it gets (scroll to the bottom of this page to see the tech they cover). 

Importantly, folks at DIZZAIN use the AARRR growth funnel framework which I personally love a lot. It delivers awesome results, and their adherence to it shows that they aren’t just about delivering an app to you but they’ll be happy to guide and support you in your marketing activities too.

Give them a message right now and learn what they can do for your project!


Another big company in Minsk is BELITSOFT. It brings together around 150 specialists in various fields who deliver high-quality solutions in web and mobile development. 

I’ve been writing a lot for blockchain/cryptocurrency projects, and it was great to see that guys here offer services in the blockchain domain too. I don’t think that I’ve seen any articulate cases though, so if you are a prodman there and you are reading this, reach out to me. I would be so HAPPY TO CREATE A GOOD SET OF CASES IN BLOCKCHAINS. Blockchains are popular these days.

Among the major advantages of the company is competitive pricing (scroll down the page to see the benefits you’ll get). Belarus/Minsk web development companies insource the local coders and other specialists who always charge less than what their counterparts in Europe/Americas would. Thus, you’ll always get this perk. And it’s not going to stay like that forever as the prices are being slowly equalized.


This Minsk agency is all about Ruby on Rails (aka “RoR”). They’ll deliver a high-quality and efficient backend for your web or mobile app. And let’s be honest, the backend is what’s really important, even though lots of juice is slowly migrating to the frontend with such tech as React. But backend is still backend.

The team brings together around 40 RoR coders at the same office located in Minsk. This serves to eliminate any kinks and miscommunications, enabling the awesome final product for your business. 

The project managers at RUBYROIDlabs speak perfect English and have an extensive experience of communicating with customers from abroad. 99% of the operations are done for foreign customers. 

Scroll down their main page and see several sample projects powered by RoR.

Among their clientele are major players like Volvo and Gazprom. 

Specialization does seem like a big thing a lot in today’s development landscape. It makes sense to segment your overall project into several chunks and allocate those to the “navy-seals” companies who are focused on specific types of tasks. RUBYROIDlabs can be that agency for all your needs in Ruby on Rails. (Personally, I am extensively writing about DM/SEO and I am learning React.js in the evenings so that I can consider migrating into the frontend route down the road. It’s clear that specialized talents/teams can rock in today’s dev world!)


The company specializes in optimization of enterprise software for big businesses. The team is highly proficient in Sitecore, Microsoft 365 and Salesforce. These are the 3 cornerstone solutions for them.

Underlying all and any actions by the team is the overall digital strategy. Through the consultations, the team with Brimit will identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement. 

Just using the enterprise software out of the box would result in stifling creative bursts in your internal team, and an ability to make quick adjustments is a must-have for a business to stay competitive and flourishing. 

Brimit will do just that. Be it conversions and marketing, ecommerce software development or integrations. 


This development company has over 150 teamsters on board who are scattered across multiple locations in Eastern Europe. In addition, the agency has an office in the Bay Area. 

What I love about Exadel is their strive to be the best in anything related to AI and ML. Reach out to them and get a super-competitive offer for anything from a simple bot to a complicated face recognition system thanks to their extensive expertise in the AI/ML domains.

You can also tap into their hive-mind to develop big-data solutions in order optimize your processes in storage, transmission and integration of various streams of data.


This team goes a bit against the stream and offers various templates customers can use to quickly set up their web apps. And you know what, I personally love it! While consulting various clients of all sizes, I am seeing more and more pros in just implementing a ready-to-use paid template, tweak it up and move forward. 

Just look through the marvelous set of the React.js templates here. You gotta immediately discern the strong benefits from using them either for your own projects or end-customer apps. Since I am learning React.js myself now and I am actually learning to use such things in prod. WordPressization is a thing (it has 4 hits in Google though).

I liked this nifty accounting app built with React. The price is $150, while the estimated cost savings are around 500-700 man-hours of work. 

Finding good React developers is one thing, paying for 500 hours of work is another thing. And we both know that getting a good-to-consume product is still another thing.

You can always engage Flatlogic to develop a completely customised template for your business or you can ask them to customize an existing one for a fee. I would.

#7 Quilix

The company offers the full suite of services in web and mobile development. 

What impresses me most is their active collaborations with major Russian banks, Sberbank and Rosbank. Having an extensive experience of working with Russian financial and legal companies, I know how tough and stressful the work with these big guns can be. And the fact that Quilix has been successfully servicing these two mammoths of the Russian banking sector is a testament for the great teamwork and quality they bring forward.

The agency has offices in the UK, Estonia and Belarus. It has been around for 19 years! As compared to some companies – which can be amazing and superb – this clearly sets them out. Quilix isn’t going anywhere and it’s here to stay. That’s why if you are looking for a cost-effective service provider from CIS and you want the partner to stick around for years and decades, Quilix if definitely worth your look.


This is a smaller team with 19 engineers on board. But this doesn’t mean that they won’t be able to deliver on your tasks. Instead, working with such a provider can actually be beneficial when you are an early start-up. 

We both know about the propensity of tasks to fill out all of the available time. And thus, whenever you are working with a big web development agency, you gotta be prepared for a certain amount of red tape and bureaucracy. 

With Datarockets, it’s the opposite. Right from the second screen of their main page, they are asking you whether you are an early start-up, mature start-up initiative or a big tech company. 

They want to start customizing their business processes from the get-go so that they can help your startup max out the benefits of agility, MVP-ness and basically “getting into the thick of it” while delivering cost-effectiveness too.


While some teams might try to carve out a specific niche, Scand seeks to provide the broadest possible range of services. They are omni-services in web/mobile development.

At the core of the service offerings is the concept of IT staff augmentation. In contrast to outsourcing of the old days when you’d outsource the whole project, you can easily augment your existing team with highly specialised talents. For instance, if you need an RoR developer, you get them within 1 day. Should your team see the need to do more MVPs and test out potential pivots because your market-fit has just transformed, you can extend the team and get hold of 3 developers. Again, within days.

And with Scand, you can augment each and every type of tasks, be it design, project management, development, testing, devops, cloud, AI or ML.

All of the employees speak great English, and thus you won’t suffer from problems that sometimes occur because of poor English skills – while working with other countries. Wink-wink, India. They live in Belarus, which is basically Europe. So, there won’t be any cultural barriers or misunderstandings either.


The team brings together 150 specialists in various domains. It has been on the market since 2008 and has completed around 170 projects. I got my first iPhone in 2008, just to feel it out for you.

In addition to working with end customers, XBSoftware successfully delivers their own products. This serves as yet another testament to the high quality and actual performance of the team.

Just like other major Belarussian web development agencies, XBSoftware works with a broad range of technologies. Your business can benefit by augmenting the internal team with their outsourced specialists so that you can quickly extend your capacities whenever you face a specific challenge and need more hands on the deck.

I work as a contentwriter and I specialize in digital marketing, SEO, content marketing, fintech (crypto, blockchain), marketing SaaS, webdev and mobdev, B2B tech. If you need high-quality content or copy for your own projects or those of your end customers, reach out to me on FB. These are some of the first articles on my blog. I do want to get new orders and I will respond immediately. I don’t have much workload now. We can work for years, and I write very fast! You’ll love me!