Hi, I am a content writer with 3 years in experience, and I am currently going into digital marketing. I like thinking about/implementing things like backlinking, CRO, detailed content plans and high-value SMM. And I love WordPress. I am a person, personality maybe even. And I really love it. You know why?

This is not your usual article that compares pros and cons of WordPress as a potential choice for you to use, but I am going deep and helping you to make the right decisions. Not deep though, but “honest and simple”, not talking about plugins and Joomla…

On so many occasions I see people doing too much thinking and too less doing. Me included. 

Thus, with regard to an extremely important question on the choice of CMS, my resounding answer is that there’s no better option on the market than WordPress. 

Why is WordPress the best option?

All the web development agencies and freelancers always ask you about your budget. It might seem rude / inappropriate / predatory to you, but it’s completely OK. They are like doctors who ask you about the standard blood pressure you have. 

What would you do if you went to the doctor and they asked you about your blood pressure and you didn’t know the answer? Surely, you wouldn’t be lying, right? You’d probably tell them “I don’t know”.

The next logical step for the two of you would be to sit down and measure your blood pressure.

Thus, it’s completely OK to not know your budget, but it’s not OK to hide it from the experts who you want to hire. 

What is your budget? 

If you can’t readily determine your budget, it’s a pretty normal situation. I am not sure that I would know mine when I was starting this blog.

The best way to act here is to determine how much money you can invest into this activity within this month without feeling bad about it. And since I mainly work with small/medium businesses, this approach is completely OK. Of course, larger companies come with deeper pockets, but it’s completely OK to be a small startup! So, if you are just at the start of your journey or you are thinking about migrating to WordPress, it makes sense to just determine the amount of money that you are OK to part with. 

Let’s break all of the budgets into 3 buckets (and, yeah, you don’t need to determine the specific amount and the buckets will do): 

A. $500

B. $2,000

C. $10,000

The amount of $10,000 for anything webdev-related might seem like too much, but it’s actually not. The point is that the larger businesses have a lot to win from investing in their DM-related activities – every action slowly adds up to strengthen the overall conversion capabilities of their business. All of this brings more sales. 

But if you are just starting out with your endeavors, there’s really no point to invest $2,000 or 10,000 into this webdev project. Instead, you should just spend $500 and get the ball rolling. 

Got it? Don’t know what your budget is? 

It’s $500 then. It’s not $2000. Ok?

What will the $500 investment buy in 2020 in webdev?

And that’s the question that leads you to WordPress! 

Can you purchase a custom-coded site for $500? Nope. (You’ll need to buy copywriting, design, custom-coding, publication. That’s too much for a new project. Don’t go there).

Can you purchase a WordPress site for $500? Yeap. (You can look through other websites in your niche and find some things that you like, then you can create the screenshots and furnish them to the developer/designer. In a couple of days, you’ll get a decent site on your hands! Here’s a good article on how to dev your first site on WordPress.)

Should I wait till I have the funds to invest $2K/$10K into the site? 

Of course, not. That would be a very good example for procrastination. 

Digital marketing is like going to school. If you are in the second grade, you take the bus. In  7 years, you’ll be driving your dad’s car. But not in the second grade. Not launching your site would be similar to stopping going to school “coz I have no wheels”.

Digital marketing is such a big thing in today’s business life that putting a hold on it is a no-no.

What about other alternatives to WordPress?

There are two major alternatives – custom code (costs a lot of money) and pagebuilders similar to WordPress (they are pretty similar in what they do, but they are deficient in available features, addons and capabilities when compared to WordPress). 

Wix, Shopify, Joomla or whatever else your cat might drag in will just drain your money and energy. Don’t go there. If you are just starting out, WordPress is the ONLY WAY FORWARD. Probably. 

Okay, WordPress be it. How do I actually go about the overall process?

I answer this question in my article “How to launch a website with WordPress within 5 days, without much hassle”.

This article is a “convincer” where I want to help you understand why WordPress is the way to go and the other article covers the whole process.