My name is Andrew Korsten and I offer high-quality services in content marketing and overall SEO.

I mainly work with DM-related service providers (SaaS, webdev studios, designers, payment processors, etc.), but I will be happy to consider your project whatever your niche may be.

Your business will benefit from my assistance in the following areas:

1. Promo article about your business on my blog (a detailed review focused on your USP, competitive advantages and functionalities. I can also do a video review. This can be done free of charge or for a small payment.)

2. Internal blog (elaborate content planning with cornerstone pillars receiving and sharing back page rank with child blog posts)

3. SMM (regular keyword tracking and posting on evergreens (Reddit, LinkedIn and Pinterest) and “fleeting” outlets (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok)

4. Webcontent (sales pages for your services/products, whitepapers, case studies)

5. SEO consultations (review of your project and recommendations for improved ranking and higher traffic from organic and paid search, organic and paid socials)


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