About Author

I am Andrew Korsten. I am a professional content creator, and I specialize in DM-related niches. 

Over the last 3 years, I’ve been lucky to collaborate with companies in the following DM niches:

  • Marketing SaaS
  • Native advertising SaaS
  • Web development
  • Mobile development
  • Cryptocurrencies and ICOs
  • AI-empowered analytics systems for marketing
  • Payment processing and gateways
  • Cryptocurrency mixers
  • Hosting and CDNs

There’s a strong chance that I know your niche well. This is pretty rare, right? Contact me now to learn more.

My approach to content marketing

In my work, I help customers develop powerful content planning strategies that capture leads across at different stages of their customer journey. Together, we research keywords and customer needs in order to pinpoint low-competition customer intent zones. Long-form and high-granularity content enables us to rank high for long-tail keywords and low-comp intent zones.

Coupled with continuous social promotion and backlinking strategies, this brings a steady stream of highly qualified traffic. Brands present themselves as advisories and knowledge hubs.

All materials I deliver are high-quality and captivate the reader’s attention. I never use fluff and “high-brow mumbo jumbo” to obfuscate my exiguity in sagacity.

I love researching new sub-niches within the DM industry. I focus on customer-facing B2B sales. It’s all about explaining hard things in simple language and helping users make right decisions accounting for their specific conditions.

Content is the king. Investing in content marketing and knowledge hubs pays off. Don’t limit your growth potential by sticking with paid and search and social ads.

I invite you to connect for a 15-minute discovery call. You’ll learn how I can help you strengthen and diversify your sales funnel and attract more leads.

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